A higher standard.

Each of us have large, loving families with the same challenges all families have. As a team family, we encourage and push each other towards high goals. Then there's you. Become a part of the family, and let us help you reach your goals! 

our passions

Patty Traber Lead Consultant


Do you have a passion for helping your local community? Interested in information that could increase your neighborhood and home value?

We're always looking to start the conversation within our community on how to better ourselves, our properties, and our community! If you have a true passion for helping others realize their dreams, get started by collaborating with us!

 Join in the fun...

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Melanie Walburg 

Sr. Loan Officer

Preferred Lender

Ryan L. McWilliams began selling real estate in 2005. As Ryan learned the market, he quickly became the sales agent for multiple communities. After years of experience, Ryan began to establish RLMhometeam in the summer of 2015. RLMhometeam is more solid than a single individual because it offers its clients the experience and service of multiple Realtors, vetted lending professionals, customer service members and administrative supporters all working together to make your transition as smooth and pleasant as possible.

In October 2016, RLMhometeam transitioned into a new alliance with ERA Sunrise Realty, part of the ERA Real Estate global brand. ERA Sunrise Realty provides better tools for its agents, strong marketing presence, and in-house closings for your convenience. In tandem, better tools and our commitment to better service ensure a brighter future for you and yours.

Along with our partnership with ERA Sunrise Realty, RLMhometeam formed a logo that represents our team and our mission. The small outer ring represents our never ending service provided to our clients as we strive to be their Realtors for life. The second, inner circle represents the unbroken, strong bond of our team working in parallel with our clients. Inside the rings, the initials RLM represent the founder of RLMhometeam. The keys represent our mission to put in your hands, the keys to your dream home. The prongs of keys form an equal sign. Our dedication to fairness and equality for all is what unlocks the door to trusting business and personal relationships for years to come.

Ryan McWilliams​  Realtor | President

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Health & Fitness
Force in motion, stays in motion. 

Running, cycling, swimming, gym rats, walking, tennis, golf, softball, rugby. All of these are religiously covered by our team. We enjoy entering in local 5k, 10k, and triathlon races. We even have a serial marathon-er on the team! We each love staying active and energized while encouraging others to get moving and stay moving.

Michael McWilliams Office Manager

Ben Vaughan

Insurance Agent


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Your Team

Engage.  Empower. 
Our entire team philosophy is built on improving the community. Whether volunteering at local events, running races for a cause, or donating to local charities and blood drives, we strive to explore, experience, and serve our community

Matt Combs

Sr. Loan Officer

Preferred Lender

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